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Dust Collector Solution – Emit Technologies

Emit Technologies, a manufacturer of catalytic converters for the oil and gas industry, wanted a clean air solution for their welding facility in Sheridan, Wyoming. WMS provided a Gold Series GS24 collector to handle the heavy weld smoke generated by their fabrication process along with Infra-Save low intensity tube heat to heat the working area, and a Goodman high efficiency Heating/AC system to support the office/break room.

Camfil Farr GS at Emit Technologies Weld smoke ductwork inside Emit Technologies

Inside Emit Technologies

One month later, after experiencing first-hand the value of a well-designed dust collection system, Emit Technologies insisted on another Gold Series collector for their building next door. A GS12 was chosen for the task, and has been busy cleaning the shop air ever since. As one customer remarked, “We had our air quality tested before and after our system was installed, and the results were just amazing!… These systems really work!”.

Another Gold Series Collector for Emit Technologies!

More Dust Collector Installations

GS6 weld smoke ventilator GS12 weld smoke ventilator GS8 concrete kiln dust collector


Here is a Gold Series Dust Collector during a blast test.

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Camfil Farr APC - Dust Collectors

“WMS is a top tier rep for Camfil Farr APC displaying great acumen in the industry and a remarkable dedication to his customers… Kyle Norris, and by extension WMS, is a true industry professional!”

-Mountain West Regional Manager, Camfil Farr APC