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Product:  Farr Gold Series Dust and Fume Collector
Model:  GS6
Application:  Welding Fumes
Customer:  Wyoming Refinery Company
Date of Installation:  October 2012
Case Study done by: Farrapc Group



Wyoming refining company

Wyoming Refinery Company

Wyoming Refinery Company is a 15,000 barrel-per-day oil refinery that has been in operation since the 1940s. Clay lacovetto, maintenance supervisor for Wyoming Refinery Company, described their process. “We make fuels; gas, diesel, jet fuel, propane, butane,” he explained. “The crude oil comes in and we combine it with catalysts, which separate the molecules into different fuels.”

Many various types of equipment are used — reactors, exchangers, pumps, towers — and each piece requires piping to deliver the materials to the next stage of production. “There’s a lot of welding for piping and supports,” lacovetto described. “We wanted to give our welders a better work environment.”  Their concern for the well-being of employees prompted Wyoming Refinery Company to look for a solution.

Wyoming Refinery Company was expanding their operations by building a new 30′ by 60′ welding shop. “When we built the new shop, we put in a ventilation system,” lacovetto mentioned. Wyoming Refinery Company worked with Wyoming Mechanical Supply (WMS) to install a Farr Gold Series GS6 with HEPA filtration in their welding area to combat the welding fumes.



Six-inch collection point

Six-inch collection point

lacovetto said, “WMS was there with the right answers. Pricing was good; availability was good. We looked at a few other brands, but finally settled on a unit from Camfil APC.” Installation of the unit began in October of 2012 and it was up and running shortly after.

“We took a look at what kind of products they were working with,” said Kyle Norris, president of WMS, describing the design process. “It was primarily carbon steel and some stainless steel. We needed to take into account the dangerous dust output from that operation. We did that with the integrated HEPA filter.”

Source capture points were placed around the new expansion. “After we reviewed their particular processes, we decided to go with a six-inch arm. On a few of the capture points we added a ten-foot boom extension for more flexibility to reach through the shop,” Norris continued.

The build also included dampers and intake louvers that would direct the heat back in during the winter and exhaust it out during the summer.

The Farr Gold Series is still in service and has worked well at Wyoming Refinery Company for nearly a year. The unit has lived up to expectations. “The welders are happier,” said lacovetto. “The unit has been reliable. We haven’t done anything to it since we put it in.”

For more information for this application, contact
Wyoming Mechanical Supply at (307) 685-7178.

“WMS is a top tier rep for Camfil Farr APC displaying great acumen in the industry and a remarkable dedication to his customers… Kyle Norris, and by extension WMS, is a true industry professional!”

-Mountain West Regional Manager, Camfil Farr APC