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Dust Collector Solution – Emit Technologies

Emit Technologies, a manufacturer of catalytic converters for the oil and gas industry, wanted a clean air solution for their welding facility in Sheridan, Wyoming. WMS provided a Gold Series GS24 collector to handle the heavy weld smoke generated by their fabrication process along with Infra-Save low intensity tube heat to heat the working area, and a Goodman high efficiency heating/AC system to support the office/break room.

Inside Emit Technologies

More Dust Collector Installations


Here is a dust collector explosion test being done on one of Camfil Farr’s GS 4’s


Vacutech HVAC Solution by WMS
HVAC Solution – Vacutech

When John Tucker with Vacutech wanted a complete HVAC solution for his 46,000 sq. ft manufacturing/office facility in Sheridan, Wyoming he turned to WMS. Under a tight time line, WMS provided design support and equipment using Infra-Save low intensity tube heaters, Sterling unit heaters, and Goodman high efficiency furnaces. Vacutech is well prepared for production with a quality, reliable HVAC solution.

VacuTech Sign VacuTech Office Inside VacuTech

Industrial Supply Solution

Industrial Supply Solution

Are you starting a big project? Looking for a supplier of Poly, grooved fittings, or other industrial pipe fittings or supplies? Have you considered the value of organized materials on your site? What about the labor savings using a qualified supplier who handles your materials carefully, has your parts labeled, palletized, plastic-wrapped, and delivered with a placard identifying the components in each pallet?


“WMS is a top tier rep for Camfil Farr APC displaying great acumen in the industry and a remarkable dedication to his customers… Kyle Norris, and by extension WMS, is a true industry professional!”

-Mountain West Regional Manager, Camfil Farr APC